Quality of our products

Our company produces a great variety of products. In all the procedures of the manufacturing we follow the highest standards and we apply the vast knowledge that we've acquired through all those years. Our patterns are from Greek and Italian designers. We offer a great variety of colors and fur types. The models you will see can be made in many furs as desired. Contact us for what you need specifically.

Zisis Furs represents the very finest in the fur industry. We sell only the highest quality and latest fashions available in the market. Geeorgios Zisis Furs is a known respectable furrier throughout the country for the finest minks and sables anywhere. Mr. Zisis personally selects each style to assure his clients receive the look that is best for them.
Zisis Furs caters to all ages, providing the latest in styles and colors for all fur and leather garments including accessories.
Owning a distinctive fur coat, leather garment or accessory from Zisis Furs is a goal worth striving for.
If you have seen a style or thought about one, Zisis Furs will get it for you.
When you're ready, contact us -- you'll be glad you did!


  • mink coats, semi-coats and jackets
  • lapin and chinchilla jackets and semi-coats
  • Sheepskin,, merinos and toscana jackets
  • Lapin, fox, raccoon, cat lynx and astrachan vests
  • Leather Nappa jackets and semi-coats
  • Accessories to match your outfit like sarves, hats and handbags



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