Information about city of Kastoria

The city of Kastoria is known for its natural beauty that reflects the lovely lake, the Byzantine churches, traditional architecture and famous furs.
The city of Kastoria, is spread out at an altitude of 620 meters. It is built on a peninsula protruding into Lake Orestiada and under the impressive mountains of Grammos and Vitsi. According to the latest census, the county's population is 53,483 inhabitants, while the city has 20,636 inhabitants.Kastoria is located at the western end of Western Macedonia. It borders with the prefectures of Florina, Grevena, Kozani and Ioannina, and with Albania on the west side.
The lake of Kastoria, one of the most beautiful in the Balkans, is directly linked to the character, history and development of the city. It has been classified as “Monument of Natural Beauty” by the Ministry of Culture and it has been integrated in the European Network “Nature 2000”.
It covers an area of about 28 square kilometres and its maximum depth is 9.5 metres. In the region, there are nine streams flowing into the lake.
Apart from the streams and the rain water, Orestiada lake is also supplied by several underwater springs. It is a wetland of great importance for both aquatic and predator birds, since this is where they reproduce, feed and winter.
The monuments of orthodoxy are an important expression of the Greek culture and attract many visitors. Kastoria, is really a live museum of the Byzantine art.
Touring around its numerous monuments provide us with an integrated overview of the different phases and expressions of ecclesiastic art from the late 9th to the 14th century.
Kastoria is accessible by plane from Athens, via the international airport "Aristotle", located in Argos Orestiko. Access to the city is most easy and comfortable through the Egnatia highway. Alternatively you can use the old highway. There are also Bus routes from Thessaloniki and Athens.
Useful telephones:
Bus station: 2467083455
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