Leather Treatment

Tips for leather clothes

1.    Buy your leather from a reputable shop. Usually stores or sites only with leather clothes are more specialized and experienced with skin.
2.    Check as much as the quality, the stitching and the smell of leather garments.
3.    Ask for the option of ‘After Sales Service’.
4.    Nappa (known as smooth skin), is cleaned with a damp cloth or a neutral facial cleansing lotion for plastic coating. Natural leather (no plastic coating) that are more common in recent years (it's nice but have the most problems) when they use a neutral facial cleaning lotion or contact the store you bought it.
5.    Suede and nubuk not to get dirty the collar from sweat is good to have a little extra collar or wear a scarf neck. Also when the suede or nubuk get dirty they can be cleaned with a soft brush or a piece or an eraser.

6.    Keep the leather clothes always in cool and ventilated place (not with light or sun) and not in a plastic bag or wrap.
7.    Avoid your leather clothe to get wet. But if it gets wet, let it dry in the air alone. Do not put it too close to fire or other heat source. Avoid ironing at home with any method.
8.    The leather clothes clean when paint but they do not return to their original state so the process of cleaning or painting should be done in moderation, preferably not frequently, usually on the advice of the store you bought it and always by qualified dry cleaning of leather garments. It is best to clean and paint the leather garment at the end of the winter season.
9.    Any minor problems (torn, buttons, zippers, lining, etc.) can be corrected at the store you bought it, free or very low cost. Never use glue (like UHU) to stick a tear.